A Modest Plan

My first Political Post.

This country is falling apart.  Has been for a long time.  It’s been accelerated the past 30 years or so by one-issue voters and the advent of cable TV.  43-years ago, The Youngbloods sung “Nobody’s right, if everybody’s wrong.”  And it seems to me that we’ve carried that into the most severe extreme on both sides.  There is no middle anymore.  The Republicans never saw Bill Clinton as legitimate, the Democrats saw George W. Bush as a fraud.  And that brings us to our current mess.

There are many people who claim that  President Obama isn’t legitimate.  I won’t go into the reasons, but suffice it to say all of them are crap.  I love it when folks say how the current economic mess is all his fault and that he’s a socialist, the antichrist, a second Hitler, etc.  It’s all because the Party of No can’t lose gracefully.

OK, enough of that.  Here’s how we get this country back on track. 

1. Enact Immigration reform.  And not just aimed at Mexicans, either.  Something that makes sense instead of singling out one specific group.

2. End the “War on Drugs.”  It doesn’t work and it’s too costly.  And legalize Marjuania.  Sam Kinison was right.

3. End the Corporations.  “Too big to Fail”?  Sometimes, the big need to fail.  Do we really need another Wal-Mart? Best Buy? Target?

4. Rework NAFTA.  Or repeal it.  Or walk away when the treaty expires.

5. Strip China of it’s favored nation status.  Tibet is never going to be free until the west wises up and forces China’s hand on human rights.

6. Suspend Wall Street trading for three months to fully examine the books and prevent the kind of shenanigans that led us here in the first place. 

7. Stop with the trickle-down economics.  Letting the uber-rich keep more of their money doesn’t create jobs or incentive for them to put their money into anything but banks in Barbados.

8. Let States set their own educational standards.  “No Child Left Behind” should be scrapped.

9. Term-limits for members of Congress.

10. Politics shouldn’t ruin friendships.


6 Responses to “A Modest Plan”

  1. The Random Comment Poster Says:

    Anything that people feel strongly about WILL ruin friendships. Politics is one of those things. Congress will never pass anything that doesn’t benefit congress. NCLB should indeed be scrapped and I would go further to state that even the STATES have no business interfering in education. Education should be locally controlled. The people who know best for their children are the people who interact with those children. Who’s to say that the “War on Drugs” has no positive benefits? Just because we don’t see a clear end to something is no reason to give up on it.

  2. Mike Says:

    I agree 100% with Kent. I would nominate him for president if he didn’t have such a checkered past.

  3. rollingwheelie Says:

    Well, thanks for that backhanded compliment…lol Considering you helped create my checkered past. And Random, I can tell you from my experience that our generation benefitted from Public Education and private as well. Today, you have a system that is overloaded with teachers, not enough parental involvment and cultural challenges that people my age never had. Teachers today can only keep students “after school” for a few minutes. We played little league in the summer, or went to camp and had fun (and dressed badly). Travel teams and private camps for sports? We never heard of those unless you lived in the tony part of town. The difference is that funding for schools is outdated and many school districts have so much waste and mismanagement, it will take years to revamp public education.

  4. leslie Says:

    Thought provoking. I enjoyed the “dressed badly” comment – I knew that was intended for a select few….don’t even get me started on education. Set the standards high….children will aspire to them given the chance. But today everyone has an excuse for why the “can’t” instead of how “can” I. We allow for all the excuses and set standards that are easily attainable. I’ve seen it between two school districts right where I live. One sets the standards very high, the other not so much. Guess where the parents want their kids to go? Out of their own district into the one who that challenges them. It’s an exodus…and now the district that caters to all the excuses is screaming because everyone is leaving. Hmmmmmm….I’m sure I’ll get an earful from this!

  5. rollingwheelie Says:

    Leslie, I think we both know who the “dressed badly” comment was directed at…lol We have the same problem here. The three school districts in my area all have different standards and different results. The district I live in encompasses parts of four cities. It’s crazy. Standardized test scores are biased and weighted. I read a article saying that the testing company looked at the names before submitting the tests and scoring them. Therefore, someone with a name like “Kent Anderson” would get a higher score than “Kareem Anderson.” Go look on the comments on my FB page as well.

  6. leslie Says:

    The interesting thing is that most teachers HATE standardized testing too!

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