Tuesday afternoon

I meant to start this earlier, but we had a thunderstorm come through and I shut my computer down.  Weather here’s been pretty good the past five weeks or so, overall. 

I have enjoyed my first week of doing this, although I thought there’d be a few more posts and comments.  I had a quiet easter, didn’t really do to much over the weekend.  I watched the basketball and was amazed that Butler almost pulled off a miracle last night. 

Tiger Woods.  I don’t care.  He’s a fantastic golfer.  If he’s a tightwad asshole who treats women like crap, so be it.  If his wife stays with him, that’s her choice.  We shouldn’t care or give him the time of day outside of what he does on the golf course.  There are 300 other golfers on the PGA tour at any given time.  Most of them don’t have a chance in hell of winning or attaining Wood’s popularity of stature.  And for Country Club sports columinists like Mike Lupika and Mitch Albom to write about it, that’s hyprocracy at its’ worst.

Rush Limbaugh.  Shut up and go away.

Michelle Bachmann makes Sarah Palin look sane.  And that’s no joke.  Of course they both make Charlie Manson look sane.

A message to the Tea Party:  You are doing more harm than good, even in your own misguded way.  You say you’re going to hold rallies on April 15th.  Have fun.  And then on April 19th, you’re going to “Take back America.”  The sane, walking upright, thinking America will be watching.  Kicking and berating prostrate Parkinson’s sufferers is a really good way to promote your agenda. 

I read a article where half the teams in the English Premier League are facing bankruptcy.  One team, Portsmouth, has declared it already and under English law they must re-organize or dissolve.  I wonder how many American pro sports teams will face the same fate.  Some predicted the WNBA will fold (no surprise if that happens) and several teams will either be forced to move or sell to new owners under the current conditions. 

Glenn Beck makes everyone else look sane. 

Howard Cosell would never make it in today’s sports scene.

ESPN 3?  You’ve got to be kidding.  Somewhere, the American Dodgeball Association is ready with a contract.  Or the Boy Scout Jamboree.  “Boy he sure tied that slipknott, maybe Nike will offer him a deal.” Do they still have those?  Isn’t it time for Christopher Guest to do a mocumentary on ESPN?

The circus is coming to town in two weeks.  Oh, that’s just King Kwame.  Put the man in jail already.

Peter Graves, Robert Culp, John Forsythe.  The tip of the icebreg.  In 10 years, most of our generation’s favorites will be gone.  Except for William Shatner.  He’ll out live us all.  And Ozzie Osbourne.  “SHARON!!!!”


4 Responses to “Tuesday afternoon”

  1. leslie Says:

    Ha Scotty! Funny stuff. I have to go google a couple of things…..

  2. scotty Says:

    Just checking out my new anonymity….

  3. Trevor Says:

    Hi Kent, I really enjoyed this. Some of the names are not familiar in Australia but the issues I can identify certainly are. Our Victorian Government will try to get Tiger out here to play again as they did last year – it was a huge success and we would all like to see him back. Interesting to see those who would attempt to launch their own 15 mins of fame by making claims about their involvement; he has been very dignified throughout, they all pale by comparison
    I have a favouriter saying – If you observe people’s behaviour, they will often tell you a lot of stuff they really don’t want you to know.
    Best wishes to all readers – and especially to you.

  4. The Random Comment Poster Says:

    Politicians are all alike, aren’t they? I remember the last time we heard something about “Taking back the White House” (Yeaughhhhh!) 😉

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