Friday Night Lite (I think)

Once again, into the breach…Or maybe on the beach.

Lately, I have been thinking about the stuff that’s happened in my lifetime.  Not just stuff that I have been invovled with like family, friends and all that, but stuff I have seen.  And experienced.  And remembered.  And it’s a lot.

I have seen every James Bond movie.  Several times.

I have seen every Star Trek movie. Several times.

I have lived under 11 Presidents. 

I have voted for President 8 times.  Never voted for a Republican.

In my lifetime we have gone from Walter Cronkite to Katie Couric.

I have lived in many places, but never considered any one place to be special.

I think I have been cheated from a lot of things. But I allowed it to happen.

My favorite Disney character: Goofy.

Johnny Carson. Dean Martin. The Rolling Stones.  Sienfeld. Newhart. Hill Street Blues. Cheers.

I miss the music I grew up with.  Even the crap was good. 

Everyone today takes too many risks.  I blame TV and mass media.  I never wanted to be famous when I was a kid.  That was just not in the way we grew up.  I wanted to watch baseball and football and read. 

Music stopped mattering to me 20 years ago.  Nirvana ruined rock and roll, in my eyes.

Women have taken over music.  Look at the charts.  I still read Rolling Stone, but more for the articles on politics and the old rockers, not the new stuff.

Thanks to Facebook, I now know when all my friends birthdays are and what their relationship status is.  Birthday’s, I care about, the rest, not so much.

I think i’m going to be single the rest of my life. I’d like it to be different, but I have to face reality.

Saw Michael Moore’s movie “Capitalism, A love story,” yesterday.  Interesting movie.  But nothing that I haven’t known since 1975.  The uber-rich would freak if we restored the 90% tax rate (now at 31%) that the uber-rich paid back in the 1950’s and 60’s.  Some guy walked out of the NYSE and told Moore “Stop making movies.” 

Glenn Beck said he “has no political agenda.  We are a entertainment company. ”  Not much else to say to that one. But i’m sure others might.

Comments that are “taken out of context,” aren’t.  They are taken the way they are meant.  When people get upset about them, then they have a fall-back position.

Is it just me, but are there more idiots than there used to be.  Or maybe i’m the idiot?

The NHL regular season means nothing.  But the playoffs are the best playoff system in the world.  Followed by the World Cup.  But the Stanley Cup is a two month grind and nothing, in my mind, comes close.

Michigan will come back because of one thing.  Water.  The west is running out of it and we have 75% of the World’s fresh water supply right here.  A friend of mine told me that 15 years ago.

The Tea Party  claims it’s not racist.  But I heard they kicked out blacks because they thought “Obama sent them.”  I keep telling people, it’s not the government you should be scared of, it’s the corporations.  And all these people are now finding out the consequences of your hate.  The mother of the person arrested in San Francisco blamed Fox News and Glenn Beck and said “the rest of us don’t think that way.” 

And Senator Tom Coburn telling a town hall meeting in Oklahoma to watch something other than Fox News.  And that Nancy Pelosi is a nice person.  That’s like the fox telling the chickens the boiling pot is a whirpool.  Too late, Senator, too late.

And Leslie, I have a hobby.  Getting bugged by women on the internet.


6 Responses to “Friday Night Lite (I think)”

  1. The Random Comment Poster Says:

    Well, this was eye opening, but I’m not certain that this is such a good thing. I love the comment at the end. Bug, bug 😉

  2. The Random Comment Poster Says:

    Oh, I love many things, as you know very well 😉 Or were you referring to your post?

  3. rollingwheelie Says:

    that’s for you to figure out. 😉

    • The Random Comment Poster Says:

      Well, I would bet you can guess which parts of your post I agree with and which I find less pleasing.

  4. scotty Says:

    where’s the new post? Need new material to talk about!

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