Thursday, as requested

Thursday musings:

I suppose I should write something this week, being that my blog is in such popular demand.  I have meant to write something earlier this week, but other things got in the way.  Today is April 15, Tax Day.  I haven’t filed a tax return in a while, but I hear about them all the time. 

Now, taxes have been around forever.  And they will be around as long as humans are, I suppose.  Over the past year or so, there’s been much more talk of them and President Obama’s “Tax and Spend” policy’s.  Well, for all to know, your taxes haven’t gone up a dime.  Most have seen their taxes go down.  But the “Party of No” keeps their constant “We are against everything this President is for” mantra,  and people keep thinking their taxes are going up when they’re not.

Beautiful weather here, we haven’t had snow since February.  Amazing.  Hurts the winter resorts and the farmers, though, because we’ve been dry since then.  Not a lot of rain around here this spring, either. 

Obama wants to cut the Space program.  Let the Russians take our astronauts into space and commericalize the space industry.  Scrap returning to the moon.  But skip a program that NASA has been working on for 15 years (Constellation) and move onto the next program, Orion, which is going to a asteroid and then to Mars.  Which to me is like skipping Junior High and going straight to college.  Come to think of it, that wouldn’t have been a bad idea for a lot of people I knew, including myself.  But not the space program.  Most scientists agree that we need to return to the moon and establish a base there before we can even attempt going to Mars or the outer planets.  And leaving the solar system.  Several heros of the space program have written a letter to the President urging him to keep the space program intact while others, most notably Buzz Aldrin, are on the President’s side in this matter.  I hope there’s a way to keep some of what NASA wants.  We need to keep sending men to space.

Baseball season is underway.  Went to my first game of the year on Monday.  They lost to Kansas City.  I like the two new kids, Jackson and Sizemore.  But I miss Granderson.  And the pitching worries me.  But you could say that about every major league team.  I still love baseball.  It is a great game. 

That woman who hit and killed those four kids last year in Roseville pled “no contest” the other day.  I feel sorry for that woman, she obviously should never have been behind the wheel, but for the State to put her in jail for the rest of her life seems even more sad then those four kids getting killed, which was sad enough.  The unseen toll and emotional damage on both families is terrible, it really is.  I hope the judge is understanding, but judges rarely are in these matters.

I dislike the Pistons at the moment.  They haven’t been a team since they traded Chauncey away to Denver.  Dumars overplayed his hand and all that goodwill he built up is gone.  It might be a while before they get back to respectability and Dumars might just walk away, from what I was told.  And what makes it even worse, is that at the moment, they are unwatchable.

The Wings are amazing.  They climb from 10th place at the Olympic break, get into the playoffs and promptly get spanked by Phoenix in the opener of the series.  Figures. 

Got into a real interesting discussion with someone on a thread on Facebook last night and this morning, which naturally involved politics.  I guess I’ve always enjoyed politics, but since when did opinion of someone who doesn’t matter (me), matter?  I mean, the past thirty years everyone has moved into opposite camps and there is no middle anymore.  Probably because there is no middle class anymore, either. 

Elizabeth Warren for Supreme Court.  Maybe.  I still think the Republicans are gonna hoot and howl whomever the President picks. 

Ozzie Guillen is the Michelle Bachmann of Major League Managers.  A screw loose, needs a filter.

Ben Roethlisberger is a jerk.  Two Super Bowls doesn’t mean you are above the law or can have any woman you want, even if they resist.  That being said, the woman who complained should be investigated as well, especially if she files a civil suit against him.  These women know who these guys are, just like Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant.  The list is long.  Several athletes just pay the money even though the alligation is false. 

It doesn’t surprise me that Derrick Coleman is broke.  Most athletes run out of their money within a few years of leaving their respective sport.  Divorce, mental illness, you name it.  There’s a ex-Kansas City Chief player who just went AWOL about five years ago.  No one knows whether he’s alive or dead.  Mike Webbster, who was the center on those great Pittsburgh Steeler teams in the 1970’s, killed himself at 51,  from early onset dementia.  And it’s rumored that Allan Iverson is broke due to gambling debts and has been banned from casinos in Detroit and Las Vegas.  In a way, i’m lucky not to have that high a profile or have a lot of money.

Well, I think that’s all for now.  Comments are always welcome.


11 Responses to “Thursday, as requested”

  1. scotty Says:

    Apparently the space program is on everyone’s mind these days!

  2. rollingwheelie Says:

    I thought you’d like that one. I see where the Prez modified his vision from what was reported. I do hope we see something in our lifetime. It will be interesting, to say the least.

  3. Diana Says:

    A good spew.

  4. rollingwheelie Says:

    Thanks, Diana…:)

  5. KathyC Says:

    I have mixed feelings on the space program. Somehow, I don’t see the point. Too much money and too little feasibility. But my Penn State son is studying to be a rocket scientist, for real, so I’d like to see him employed in a few years.

  6. rollingwheelie Says:

    Kathy, thank you very much for your comment. I too have mixed feelings about the Space program, but as someone who remembers the wonder years of the Program, I think we need to keep a presence in Space. My biggest concern isn’t the cost, it’s the time. It took us 8 years to get a nacent program to the moon, after President Kennedy gave his “We choose to go to the moon” speech in 1961. Why are we setting goals that our 15-20 years down the pike. The Russians, Chinese and perhaps the Brazilians all have highly ambitious plans to establish bases on the moon and explore from there. The Europeans have a plan for a all-Euro operated Moon base by 2021. It does cost money, but with everything else, why is it taking so long?

  7. KathyC Says:

    Establish bases on the moon and explore …..what? Do we really think we can transport enough new energy sources to the whole of the earth’s population? Should armaggedon occur, who gets to fly off to the next galaxy? A handful?
    I don’t think the residents of our great country will tolerate money going towards a space program when there are more immediate needs. We already take care of so much of our own planet, not much left to spare.
    Yes, Neil Armstron was exciting. But I think there was hope for more than dust.
    If the space program could stick to communication efforts and making Earth a smaller place, maybe we truly would see each and every one of us as humans with equal rights, and let’s just take care of each other for the time being.

    Whew, that was odd for me. Not sure where it came from!

  8. RobertL Says:

    So much disinformation on taxes. David Leonhardt of the New York Times recently wrote a front of the business section report on the Tea Party claim that 47% of our people “pay no taxes” (which is an out and out lie, the way I see it).
    It may be true that some people pay no “income taxes,” but almost every wage earner (and most other folks, too) pay “payroll taxes” (for Social Security and Medicare) and that is an extremely regressive tax, burdening the middle class and the poor far more than the well-to-do and wealthy (6.2% of the first $106,000 or so go to Soc. Security, for example. So, that tax maxes out at approx. $6,572 and that is all you pay, even if you earn like a major league baseball star — or Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, for example). I’m not beating on Gates or Buffet, by the way –both have said they’d willingly paid more, and Buffet thinks it’s crazy that his receptionist has to pay taxes at a higher rate than he does.
    Don’t let’s forget that employers match workers’ tax payments on the “payroll taxes,” effectively holding down wages and salaries (though not as much as skyrocketing health insurance premiums, obviously). Bottom line: The poor and lower middle classes pay at least their fair share of taxes (if not more) and the far right is disingenuous — at best — in claiming otherwise.
    As far as the space program goes, I’d refer you to our old colleague the Science Editor to get the news and views from the Planetary Society, but I prefer you just imagine what those might be!

  9. rollingwheelie Says:

    Rob, your observations are right on. Speaking of our erstwhile Science Editor, did he ever graduate? I was on campus a few years ago and there were still flyers with his distinctive “artwork” on them.

    The “Tea Baggers” are most certainly off base when it comes to the assertion that they make about who pays and where the money goes. And as Michael Moore pointed out in his film “Capitalism, A Love Story” the Tax Rate has been quite regressive since the mid-60’s. And Dick Armey saying you are forced into Social Security and Medicaid. As my Grandpa Franks used to say “Bunk.”

    Most Americans don’t vote. Most of the people in the Tea Party don’t vote. There was a guy on the news yesterday saying that 5 years ago, he wouldn’t have done this, yet five years ago, at the height of the (fake) real estate bubble is when people SHOULD have started this. And I love Chris Matthews yesterday drilling those two tea partiers and asking them “where were you during the Bush years?” When Junior was turning a surplus into a deficit, getting us into two unnecessary and seemingly endless wars and trampling the consitiution they claim they love so dearly. And I just love it when they call me unpatriotic. Maybe when it comes to the New England Patriots, but i’m an American, just like they are. And this goes back to the Reagan years.

  10. scotty Says:

    As for the space program, here’s an interesting take on the subject, if you care to read:

  11. rollingwheelie Says:

    thanks, leslie, i will look st it later. Wish me luck at my tournament today and tell Grace i’ll call her when i get home, Thanks for being a active contributor, sweetie. 🙂 xxx

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