Tigers, Lions and some (hot) Wings

I haven’t written anything in a while and so I think I’ll write a sports-themed blog today.

The Red Wings certainly showed everyone they haven’t forgotten how to win in the playoffs.  Even though they should have won the series in six games, I am pleased they dusted off Phoenix.  We’ll see how they do against San Jose.  The NHL playoffs are a grind and if they start the second round tomorrow and then either Satuday or Sunday in the Shark Tank, that means game 3 would be back here in Detroit Tuesday or Wednesday. 

Their Game 7 victory on the road was the first time since 1954 the Wings won a playoff series in that fashion.  They beat Montreal in the old Fourm to win the Stanley Cup.  At the Olympic break, they were in 10th place and I thought their 18-year playoff run would come to a end.  But they turned it on after the Olympics and made the playoffs and won their first round series.  It will be fun, especially for me being in Europe next week.

I’m still concerned with their power play and their age catching up to them. Lindstrom turns 40 today and Holmstrom, Draper and several others are on their last tour.  I just hope all these deep playoff runs the past few years doesn’t mean they are going to run out of steam again, like they did last year.  It’s always fun, though.

The Tigers are going to be interesting.  Don’t think they’ll win the division, but i like the young rookies they have on the team in Jackson and Sizemore.  Their starting pitching has to come around for them to contend.  Maybe they will, maybe they won’t.  But at 11-10 and only four wins from the starters, it seems to me they are putting undue pressure on the bullpen.  And it would help if the pitchers threw strikes.

Johnny Damon is a fantastic player.  I think he’ll do fine as long as Jackson keeps hitting well in the leadoff spot.  Guillen has to come back soon.  Otherwise teams are going to continue to pitch around Ordonez and Caberra.  It will be a fun summer around here, either way.

The Lions drafted A Man Named Suh last week and I sure as heck hope he lives up to the hype.  I think the NFL is headed for a lockout of epic proportions next year, but I doubt very much one defensive player will make a bad team a Super Bowl contender overnight.  The other draft choices were currious at best, but i’ll wait and see on those.  The schedule to me, at this point, still says 4-12, 5-11 at best.

The NBA Conspiracy, er Playoffs are off and I am still of the opinion “Anyone but LA.” (Sorry, Alissa)  I just think it’s too predictable and the league favors certain teams, i.e. Boston, LA, Chicago) over other teams, like Detroit and San Antinio.  When the Pistons and Spurs played a epic 7-game series in 2005, ratings were the lowest since the early 1980’s.  Never mind that both teams played “the right way,” the League tweaked the format after that, making all series 4-out-of-7.  The first round had been 3-out-of-5.  And then the Tim Dohanny scandal and the NBA has lost all credibility with me.  Plus with the Jazz about to send the Denver Pistons, er, Nuggets, home for the summer, i’m not even interested in the playoffs at this point.

Anyhow, I will hopefully get a blog out next week from Slovenia.  The tables await, as well as three plane rides and a couple of Swedish women looking for their favorite American.


2 Responses to “Tigers, Lions and some (hot) Wings”

  1. Diana Says:

    Thumbs up!

  2. rollingwheelie Says:

    thanks, diana…:)

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