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Oil and other messes

June 4, 2010

OK, i’m back.  I started to write something last week, but never finished.  Lots to write about and discus, so lets get at it, shall we?

First of all, the disaster in the Gulf.  What a mess.  For everyone.  Eleven men lost their lives when that platform exploded and BP, Transocean and Haliburton have limited liability?  It’s like five years ago, when the insurance companies balked at paying out after Katrina.  It’s about money and influence and treating employees like crap.  That whole region will be affected for years to come, livelyhoods will be altered and destroyed.  And the story that’s overriding all of this is, it should have never happened. 

Regardless of  anything else, the emerging story is still the same.  Corporations have too much control over our daily lives and until we stand up and say enough is enough, it will never change.  Take the money out of these monolithic, unfeeling money machines and their access to privledge and power will fade away too.  The “Trusts” were broken up 100 years ago.  Standard Oil, which eventually became Amacco, and now BP, was broken up.  Rockerfeller didn’t squeal too much, he held on to most of the company. 

The problem is today that the balance is so out of whack.  And every time this has happened in recent history, the same pigs start squealing.  The cries for “reform.”  The criminal and civil investigations.  Enron, Worldcom, the Tech bubble, the housing bubble, the AIG mess, Wall Street, it’s all there and yet nothing gets done.  Why?  Because we elect corrupt people to office who are duplicitus in their words and actions.  Or we elect people who can give a good speech and win a election against a phony and a half-term Governor but falls short when it comes to actual leadership and getting everyone on the same page.  Although it doesn’t help when the leader of the opposition is on the radio everyday saying how much he wants this President to fail. 

When is President Obama going to learn that leadership takes guts and so far he has shown very little.  He’s not Clinton (we knew that) and he’s not Bush (which I am thankful for), but I feel that he’s turning into another Jimmy Carter and this Oil mess, (which is in no way his fault) will leave him in the same position as Carter was during the Iranian Hostage Crisis.  Weakened and vunerable.  It’s funny, because a year ago,we were comparing him to Spock, now Carter.  I still think the teabaggers and the Republicans are going to pay a price for saying no to everything and obstructing this President.

Tony Hayward, the CEO of BP, says he “wants his life back.”  Now outside of how outlandish that statement is, is just goes to show everyone just how out-of-touch these people are with reality.  What about the families of those who died on that rig.  Or the shrimpers (insert Forrest Gump reference) and those who make a living out on the Ocean.  When do they get their lives back? 

And all these people who are jumping up and down about Junior and how he wasn’t in the pocket of big oil.  Give me a break.  He was a oilman.  His Vice President got a $34 million parting gift from Haliburton in 2000.  Tax free as it turns out, because it was put in a trust for his grandchildren, even though one of his daughters is a lesiban.  And Bush’s first energy czar, none other than Ken Lay, the then-head of Enron.  Ask the folks in California about $400 electric bills and those who lost their lives and money when Enron went down the drain.  This will dwarf that when it’s all said and done. 

The thing is, this is unexcusable and I would like to see the excuses and reasons for why this was allowed to happen.  Not the disaster itself, but the mistakes and flaws that led to the blowout and diaster.  I have a feeling when it comes down to it, there’s going to be phrases like “cutting corners,” “mismanagement,” and “we were just following orders.”  It’s sick, it really is.  Some of it already has.  And yet Dick Cheney sits around, plotting to overthrow Obama.  Just like the movie “Seven days in May.”  And the Teabaggers claim Obama has committed treason and should be impeached. 

The circus continues.