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Restoring Faux Honor

August 26, 2010

This is a political post.  Well, It’s kind of a idiot post, because it’s about a idiot.  This Saturday, August 28, 2010, 47 years to the day of the most historic speech in the history of this country, Glenn Beck will have a rally on the Mall near the Lincoln Memorial.  And he will mock American hostory by spitting on the gave of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Beck is a clown.  He is decendant from other clowns, like Morton Downey, Jr.  And he is a dangerous clown because people beLIEve him and his claptrap noise and other nonsensical rantings about people who are duly elected and supposed to be doing their jobs. 

But since last year, these officals, our Congressmen, Senators and President, have been attacked by wackos, very well funded by the way by the Koch Brothers, who’s dad was a founder of the John Birch Society and threw a party when President Kennedy was killed.  I knew there was a direct line from the Birchers to the Tea Party. 

Anyhow, Glenn Beck is having this rally, called “Restoring America’s Honor” on Saturday in Washington and the proceeds are supposedly going to some Veteran’s organization.  But if you read the small print at the bottom of the website, it says that the proceeds will go to the vets AFTER the event’s expenses are paid for. 

I mean really, Glenn.  You make (steal) Millions of dollars as a cry-baby conspiracy-theory “Obama is a _________” (Communist, Socialist, Kenyan, A pupet of the Rothchilds, take your pick) and yet you are asking people who are coming to your event to “Restore America’s Pride” to pay?  PT Barnum is the only one who is liking this.

These folks are coming in from all over the country and paying money to attend this event.  I’m telling you, that’s some big kahuna’s there, to actually have the people who think that Washington is ripping them off, when they are getting soaked by a millionare who should be covering his own expenses. 

And in 1963, when Martin Luther King had his rally, guess what the admission cost was?  $0.  People today are so polorized and either in one camp or the other that it makes what King, JFK, RFK and Malcom X almost moderate by comparison. 

And these people are the same ones who are screaming about the Mosque in NYC.  These are the same people who fear a “one-world government” and all that other nonsense.  And who talked about floridation back in the 50’s and 60’s.  Somewhere, Col. Jack T. Ripper is laughing is full head off. 

This is not a democracy.  It’s a Republic.  The fatal mistake that people make is thinking that this is a democracy.  Our government’s three branches were purposely set up to balance each other out.  Those who think the President can somehow “fix” everything, are wrong.  The legislative branch is the one who makes the laws in this country, not the President.  The President can propose laws and either sign them or veto them. 

There are people out there who are hurting.  People who have lost the jobs, pensions, savings, etc.  due to no fault of their own.  But as I have said before, that’s not the Government’s fault.  But these people that are going on Saturday are as misguided by a man who has it wrong.  It’s big business and Corporate America who is at fault for this country’s current situation.  They are the ones who drove it over a cliff. 

This rally isn’t about politics, Beck says.  But the half-wit Sister Sarah will be there, as will several other politicans.  So, he says to keep your anti-Obama signs and racist signs at home.  Yeah right.  Like these people are really going to do that.  Once again, misplaced anger and frustration. 

The solution.  There is none until folks wake up and realize that the past 50 years has all been a lie.  Then you can begin to rebuild this country.  Until then, the screaming continues.