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Letter to my 16-year-old-self.

October 25, 2011

I haven’t written anything for a while, since June, according to this site.  Been busy or just didn’t feel like writing, I suppose.  Oh, I’ve been ranting and raving elsewhere, trust me on that one.  Just not on here.

Anyhow, something last week caught my eye and it sparked me to think about the meaning of it.   The UK newspaper The Guardian has a nice article where people write letters to their 16-year-old selves to give advice and share life lessons, among them Stephen King, Gene Hackman, Gillian Anderson, John Waters, and Alan Cumming. So I thought I’d give it a try.

Dear Me,

It’s me, 37 years later.  Yep you just turned 53.  You lived this long.  Interesting times, some good some not-so-good.  You will have a exciting, manic life.  You will do things you never even dreamed off right now and you will laugh and cry and get mad and be happy, although you will become very cynical (not that you aren’t already).  From 1974 to 2011.  You will never be rich or have children of your own.  You will have many friends all over the world.  The people you know now will mostly be gone from your life.  You will lose people you love and care about, some through your own negligence and some through no fault of your own.  People (and a dog named Brutis) you cherish will die on you and you will miss them with all your heart.

Others will dismiss you, backstab and betray you. Others will stand in your way and prevent you from various achievements and accomplishments.  But you will slog on.  You will create a life out of scraps and (some) will envy you and others will only see you as a parasite.  You will learn the meaning of “meaning well” and “doing well.”  You will live a nightmare, but you will come out of it.  You will have your challenges, just as you are now.  That school you just left in North Dakota taught you well, you will apply those lessons throughout your life.  A high school teacher will write that “self-preservation is your best trait.”

The people who are in your life now are not sure what to make of you.  You will deal with that for the rest of your life.  Even your family is in that boat.  I won’t tell you everything that happens, but you will meet some very cool people along the way.  Two words: Howling Diablos.  You are a decent, caring human being.  You will make mistakes and survive.  Life is about survival, that’s about the best I can say.

Stay cool,

You. Me. Us.