End of the year diddy

Twas the day after Christmas

and all through my house,

the only creature stirring was my

computer mouse.

The weather wasn’t frightful,

in fact it was quite delightful (for Michigan, that is)

I’m sure the stores are crowded

but I don’t care.

No gift’s to return, no running around

collecting receipts so right sizes could be found.

I enjoyed my Christmas, such as it was

but miss it meaning more than

it does anymore.

In this post-modern world,

where everyone’s connected

except at the heart, so no one’s accepted.

We stopped caring long before

iphones, computers and Blackberry’s

before everyone became year-round Grinch’s.

Promises mean nothing

sugar coated lies

Rules are changed

So are laws without

much thought to the people involved.

Wars continue people hate

politicians clamor

over things that don’t matter.

Oil burns, the Earth warms

but some don’t hear Mother Nature’s

cry for help.

Some have made a deal with

the Devil

To seize power

at any level.

The rest of us

just want to hold on to

the best of us.

Our families, friends, children

Husbands, wives, parents.

I miss those who are gone

especially this time of year

who brought me joy and good cheer.

I remember them fondly as I do my dad,

who’s at the end of his life

and it makes me sad.

And mad.

People talk, but no one listens

everyone has ideas

but no solutions.

We were the generation that

was suppose to make things


Instead we made it worse

by ignoring others and

me first.

It’s easier to write a check

then it is to give a heck

about people who need help.

To get up off our asses

and make a difference in people’s

lives regardless of the time sacrificed.

Love is what’s needed, not hate

Change comes with a smile, a hug

and a kiss.

From a handshake,  a meal shared

a trip taken to parts familiar and


Hope comes from within

not from a President, Prime Minister

Pope, Chancellor or Queen.

So as we end Twenty eleven

and slide into 12, remember that

kindness and love are the only tonics

for the problems this world faces.

And solutions that help all

big and small.

People will die, babies be born.

People will scream and hollar

about this and that

and the almighty Dollar.

At the end of the day

no-matter your take home pay

you still find your own joy peace

in what you give, not take away.


2 Responses to “End of the year diddy”

  1. RobertC.Quinn Says:


    Thank you my friend.

    Bob Quinn

  2. Mauigirl Says:

    Very well said…Happy New Year, let’s hope 2012 is better than 2011.

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