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The Giant Sucking Sound

March 10, 2012

Rush Limbaugh is a entertainer.  If you believe that, then i’ve won a Pulitzer Prize, an Emmy, Oscar and Peabody Award.  Which I haven’t.  Yet.

Saying Limbaugh is an entertainer is like saying the Detroit Lions have won a Super Bowl.  They haven’t and he isn’t.  Limbaugh is a commentator who’s ego clearly outshines his ability.

Rush Limbaugh is the voice of conservative America.  He is a product of Roger Ailes, the architect behind Fox News.  And Richard Nixon.

He has been on the air for nearly 25 years.  His contract pays him a reported $54 Million a year through next year.

Ten days ago, February 29, he started on a three-day rant about Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown University law student speaking to a Democratic House Committee about the lack of contraception coverage her college health coverage and the costs involved.  Well, Limbaugh took offense.  He called her a slut and a prostitute and that as a result of her wanting “free birth control” that she and the other “Feminazis” as he calls them, she post videos online.  And this went on for three days.

After a firestorm and backlash, he “apologized” last Saturday.  Sort of.  After the first of at least eighty sponsors jumped ship.  By yesterday, he had at least five minutes of “dead air” on his show, according to reports.  Coming back on Monday, he doubled-down on his comments and attacked another woman, whom he called an “authorette,”  saying that these women are “over-educated.”

Now, if this was just Limbaugh talking it would be one thing.  But since Limbaugh is the unofficial official leader of the Republican Party and has been attacking women in general since probably high school, his words and actions reflect a larger attack on women and the women’s issues since the 1970’s.

The four clowns (ok, the three clowns and Ron Paul, who was the only one to take on Rush), all blamed the mainstream media and said “well, the left does it too”  pointing out that Bill Maher and Keith Olbermann has said nasty things about various women on the right, like Michelle Malkin and the most put-upon-woman-in-America, the half-term, half-wit, Sarah Palin.

Olbermann, for his part, suspended his “Worst Person’s” segement on his show.  But Maher was unapologetic.  Last night, he said the difference between him and Limbaugh was that he was a comedian like George Carlin (who would be having so much fun with these clowns running the show right now, RIP) and Limbaugh wasn’t. Which we all know is true.

But the Republican Party lives in the bubble.  And the men in the center of the bubble (the unholy trinity, if you will) are Rush, Alies and Rupert Murdoch.  All three of them seem impervious to outside influence and therefore can do or say whatever they want.  But maybe the bubble is beginning to pop just a bit.  Murdoch is under investigation in the UK for phone hacking and buying off the police and politicians.  Now, keep in mind, the English judicial system moves at a snails pace, so the chances of Uncle Rupe getting charged with any serious crimes in this decade are remote at best.

Limbaugh has been on the radio for over 20 years.  Nothing seems to faze him.  Alies, who managed Nixon’s comeback in 1968, adroitly avoiding any debates with Vice President Humphrey and tutored such neophytes like Jack Abramoff, Karl Rove and Grover Norquist (a wonderful trio to say the least), brought Limbaugh to prominence in the late 1980’s, following the FCC’s dropping of the “Fairness Doctrine” in 1986.  The paranoid hemophiliac sold Limbaugh as a new voice of America, someone to “carry the Reagan Revolution into the 21st Century.”

Ailes then went on to go back into entertainment, but was quickly snapped up by Murdoch.  He created Fox News and since 1998 has slanted and shaped the news in his image.  But his linchpin remains Rush.  If Limbaugh somehow leaves the air, then Ailes loses his biggest fall-back option.  It’s that simple.

Limbaugh claims he’s just an entertainer, a humorist.  Somewhere, Mark Twain is spinning in his grave.  I don’t know of too many entertainers who speak at CPAC or a national convention.  He gives red meat to his loyal core of listeners and his opinions sway them to vote and hate.  It is the same kind of talk we have heard down the line from Father Caughlin to Walter Winchell, Senator Joe McCarthy, and Morton Downey, Jr.  All shammed off the radio or TV because of incendiary language used.  They were all Republicans railing against the Democrats and the threat of “Communism” or “Socialism.”  As if they know what that means in reality.

As of Friday, some 80 companies have dropped Rush.  And two stations in small markets.  Which doesn’t mean squat to the Fat Man (with deepest apologizes to Sydney Greenstreet).  Five minutes of dead air and most of his advertising space covered by local “ad-buys” and Political Action Committees ads for Romney, Santorum or Gingrich.  The dead air is the first step in getting rid of this person who has polluted our airways and poisoned our political discourse far too long.

It’s time to Flush Rush.