A Fool’s Lesson

I am not sure how to start this without it reading like I am selfish and immature.  But here goes.  I am not a fool and I know how I am perceived.  I have been told, directly and indirectly just how people feel and view me.  

And you know what?  Words and actions hurt.  I’m not a duck and what people say and do aren’t water.  

I have tried to forget and forgive those who have said and done things to me that were nothing but hurtful.  Someone said “circumstances change.”  That may be true, but feelings and biases and intentions don’t.

In the past few weeks, I have been called hateful, selfish and a “legend in my own mind.” Of which, I am none.  I have also been lied to and screwed over, maybe not intentionally, but hey.  

What did I do to deserve this?  Apparently, according to some, just continuing to draw oxygen offends them to the point where I am reviled and put down.  Or, told off.  Laughed at. Scoffed at.  Ignored. Shunned.

What is truly shocking is that no-one is defending me.  I did what I was asked to do and then when I got pissed off about the outcome, No one went and defended me about what I tried to do.  Or, rather, understood my rationale for being angry.

Seven months ago, people begged me to do this. So, I did.  And then, in the aftermath, I get shit on and pissed on by everyone who had no damn business telling me otherwise?  How about…”We’re sorry, Kent.” That might have been the magic words, but I got none of that.  Instead, I got essentially excuses and rationalizations and apologizes, and very few reasons. And lots of “cut it out,” “grow up” and “this isn’t high school anymore.”

No. It isn’t. But the behavior was very immature.

I guess the old axiom is true: “No good deed goes unpunished.” 

You know, I’m almost 55.  I’m tired of odious backstabbers and the well-meaning, do-nothings in my life.  For those who screamed I do something and then did nothing, fine.  It’s human nature to set up a fool and watch him fail.  But that won’t ever happen again.

For those who did show up at my little shindig on Sunday, thank you.  For the other 2570 who were invited, too bad.  You missed a good time.  



4 Responses to “A Fool’s Lesson”

  1. andrew k Says:

    Illegitimati non carborundum, amice.

  2. Dan Riley Says:

    Thus the age-old expression, the only good high school reunion is a dead high school reunion.

  3. rollingwheelie Says:

    I’m beginning to believe that. 😉

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