Looking forward

10388114_10152482262494104_8607043811254702557_n2014, the year I did a lot without leaving home. And good riddance.

I did go to Canada twice to see my dad, who’s now entering year five of nursing home care.  He will be 80 on the 21st.  I did get up to Marysville, Michigan for a Christmas celebration with my family and got to see my seven-great-niece’s and nephew’s.  I made it to three Tiger games and a Lions game.  I brought a new hearing aid. Watched the World Cup.

I changed my email.  I got into meaningless fights with people whom I should know better than to not engage with.  I reconnected with people I hadn’t seen since high school. I un-connected from many with whom I never mattered.  I went another year without a relationship – which is fine by me.

I spent the better part of the first two months of the year trapped inside my own house because of the coldest winter I have ever experienced.  Even spending seven years at boarding school in North Dakota, I don’t recall a winter so brutal as last year’s.  I survived, barely.

People continue to surprise me, disappoint me and every other emotion you can think of in between.  I tried to help people and I got maligned for it.  I gave money to charity, helped out where I could. Provided people with information, got no thanks or acknowledgement.

It was a year where I was lied to, mocked and laughed at.  I changed my email,  tried to steer clear of toxic people and their crap.  I railed against the system, to no avail. Tell me, anyone who reads this, what is being done in my name?

I am still alone. I miss my friends, I miss my family.  I miss having the daily contact I had with people, not so long ago.  I miss going to movies, I miss seeing my favorite waitress.

But that was last year.  This year, I am looking forward to many interesting things and good stuff happening for me.  I have dumped Comcast.  And my land-line phone.  I will resume playing table tennis after a self-imposed year off.  I will go to a tournament.

I will try and get to see my dad more than twice.

I appreciate my life and my good health and know that in can change in a New York Minute.

I will try and eat better.

I will still be cynical, yet hopeful.

I will continue to tell my story.

I will hopefully be here in a year to continue to write, entertain and inform.

5 Responses to “Looking forward”

  1. Tracey Miller-O'Malley Says:

    Sounds like a good plan, my friend! Happy and healthy 2015!

  2. Karen Says:

    May you have a great New Year Kent!

  3. Andrew K Says:

    Sing it with me: Always look on the bright side of life!

  4. rluxie Says:

    I am definitely liking this positive side. Happy New Year my friend, may the cold stay at bay and the Tigers take it all the way!

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