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Donald Trump, seriously

February 25, 2016

A few weeks ago, I was out to lunch with a friend of mine. He told me of his 93-year-old rich Aunt (hey, everyone should have one of those) who lives in Mar-a-Lago, Florida. She has met the Libidinous yammering yam known as Donald J. Trump. He relayed the story she told him to me “She said ‘his children are smart, polite and well-mannered. He is a boorish, mean egotist.'” He then said something that sent proverbial shivers down my spine. “He’s not in this to play the game. He’s in it to win.”

Yes, apparently, he is.  Which of course, many of us have known for quite some time. He talks about “Making America Great Again.” One guy at a rally actually said, “He’s going to make America great again, it’s on his hat.” Of course, that brings to mind this:

Which of course comes after winning the first three primaries and taking a sizeable lead in delegates in the process, is now scaring the living shit out of the GOP big wigs, including the obvious anagram himself, Reince Priebus, stammering on one of the Sunday bullshit shows “I think that if you look at all these exit polls on both sides of the aisle, I think people are just sick and tired of—of politics in general, sick and tired of Washington, DC, and I think just actually sick and tired of—of all the—both parties. So I mean I—I think it’s just a general feeling out there that’s real. I wouldn’t deny it. But, obviously, all these, uh, folks are fighting to be the nominee and spokesperson of our party, um, and we’re going to be there to support whoever that nominee is.”

No, Reince, people are sick and tired of being fed the same slop every two years (yes, every two, because you will have Governor’s races in 2018, along with your friendly Congressman or woman and even though everybody hates Congress, they’ll vote them back in, just like they always do). People are sick and tired of being tossed aside in an economy that’s been rigged against them for the past 35 years. In short, they’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.

So, along comes this bombastic jerk who pumps into the zeitgeist of 2016 and makes fun of everyone and everything. Bernie Sanders is trying his best to run on that same theme, but as Charles Pierce at put it the other day, Sanders “has failed the most superficial test of American “populism”—its targets are “Wall Street” and “billionaires,” vague categories of people with whom most Americans have little or no contact. This is opposed to He, Trump, who tells his audience that the problem is “Mexicans” and “Muslims.” People may not know who’s on the board of Citigroup, but they know they have to hit “1” for English. They may not know a billionaire, but they see women in hijabs at the mall. The Sanders campaign gives them targets for their anger. The Trump campaign gives them enemies, and that makes all the difference. ”

Yes, apparently, it does.  Here is man who has never held public office, never sat in on a policy meeting, yet is the overwhelming choice of the GOP to be their nominee for President of the United States. Of America. At least Reagan was a governor and understood the way government works. Whenever he’s pressed on an issue, he makes an insult or says, “we have people working on that.”

“Enemies.” America has always needed an enemy.  From King George VI, to the Mexicans to the Native Americans to the Germans, Japanese, Chinese, North Koreans, Vietnamese and the USSR, to faceless ones like Al Qaeda and ISIL, we have always needed enemies. But the Trump candacity has internalized it. Oh sure, there are threats looming, but don’t worry, The Donald will take care of that. A Wall along the southern border, that Mexico will pay for? Kicking out 11 million illegals? When the current President has deported more than the last five Presidents combined? Making fun of disabled people? Hey, everyone does it, right?  Kicking out Muslims? Really? Most just live their lives, go about their daily lives. They’re not terrorists. Yet we don’t call the Bundy’s terrorists, which is exactly what they are. Just like the kid who shot up Sandy Hook or Timothy McVeigh.

Last July, I wrote how Trump was irrelevant. But he has turned out to be very relevant. Jeb! (who still a Bush) said “you can’t insult your way to the Presidency, Donald.” Well, apparently you can. At least in 2016.

Here’s the truth: Donald Trump could win the Presidency. Then, we’d be the laughingstock of the world. But his campaign has shown America at its’ worst. A Xenophobic, racist, untoward, nonplussed country that couldn’t tell you what the Bill of Rights are, but knows what Kanye West and Taylor Swift are fighting about. It has show us that a petty, small man could become President in 270 days, because a Black man put his hand on the Bible.