Edith Keeler Must Die

“Jim, Edith Keeler must die.” Spock (Leonard Nimoy) “The City on the Edge of Forever.”

(Mandatory video accompaniment   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRIYBO-05K8)

For the past 16 months and three days, we have seen history bent on its proverbial ear by a loud-mouth vulgar, bully of a man, a man so devoid of facts and knowledge that he revels in it. He’s a braggart, a con man, a pretend rich guy who panders to the worst instincts of America.  Donald Trump, the worst candidate ever in modern political history, has permanently damaged our country to the point where I may be dead before it recovers.

He will lose this election, perhaps by the biggest margin since Reagan beat Mondale. But to him, it won’t matter, because he’ll say it’s rigged and “Crooked Hillary” shouldn’t even be running. He’s already saying it, some of his supporters are talking about a revolution, some say they will kill Mrs. Clinton and her running mate, Senator Tim Kaine, in order to insure neither one becomes President.

“Jim, Edith Keeler must die.”

That episode, “The City on the Edge of Forever,” is considered to be the best “Star Trek” episode ever.  Written by the legendary science fiction writer Harlan Ellison, the story centers around the changing of history because of one small change. “The Butterfly Effect,” that, if played out, changed the outcome of World War II.  McCoy accidentally injects himself with the wrong drug and goes into a paranoid rage, beaming himself down to a planet barren except for a strange oracle known as the Guardian of Forever. (Years ago, I read the original script and while most made it into the episode, there were a few key elements cut) McCoy passes through the portal into the past and poof! the Enterprise is gone. Kirk and Spock go back in time to attempt to find the doctor and set history straight.

In so doing, they meet a social worker by the name of Edith Keeler (played by a  then-unknown Joan Collins), who runs a homeless mission during the Depression in New York City. They soon, through Spock’s ingenuity, realize that she is their focal point. That somehow Dr. McCoy, by saving her from dying in “some sort of traffic accident” as Spock tells Captain Kirk, changes the course of history, creates a pacifist movement, delaying the United States’ entry into World War II and allowing Germany to develop nuclear weapons and win the war.

Not knowing the exact time table for the pivotal moment to arrive, Kirk and Spock take odd jobs while Miss Keeler continues her work at the mission. She observes them and says “you two don’t belong here,” to which Spock retorts, “where do you think we belong?”

“You, by his side. Where you’ll always be.” And as prescient she looks at Kirk and says, you belong “in another time.” Kirk falls in love with Edith and is torn over love and duty.

McCoy shows up, still feeling the effects of the overdose and proceeds to rest up in the mission, unbeknownst to his shipmates.  McCoy believes its all a hallucination, but “I’ve determined you’re not,” he says to Miss Keeler. She then informs him that her “young man is taking me to a Clark Gable picture tonight.”* McCoy says “a what?”

The next scene, Kirk is escorting her to the show. After saying exactly the same thing about Clark Gable, she inadvertently says “you sound like Doctor McCoy.” Kirk after stopping in his tracks, runs across the street screaming “Spock!!!” McCoy appears and Edith begins to walk across the street, not looking to see an oncoming truck that hits her. Kirk stops McCoy and she dies. “I could have saved her!!!” McCoy says, “Do you know what you did?” To which Spock says, “he knows, Doctor. He knows.” Now, with history back in its proper place they return to the Guardian’s planet and a crestfallen Kirk says “let’s get the hell out of here.”

*Note: DeForrest Kelley, a veteran character actor who appeared in many Western’s in the 20 years prior to “Star Trek,” knew Gable very well.

The past 16 months have felt like Edith Keeler lived.  That somehow history was changed because this bully of a man, Benito Combover with a spray-on tan, was allowed to run over 16 challengers in the Republican primaries, calling Marco Rubio “little Marco,” accusing Ted Cruz’s father of being in on the Kennedy assassination, by mocking Jeb Bush and Carly Fiornia “look at that face. Do you want a face like that for a President?” Saying the Iowa caucuses were “rigged” and the Wisconsin primary.  Bragging that “I could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and not lose any votes.”

And this man wants to be President?

I have never heard anything like this before in my life. And that’s just the tip of the dagger he’s thrown at the grand experiment called America. In his acceptance speech at the RNC Convention in Cleveland in July, he said “I alone” can fix America. Really?

I’m not going to run down the list of narcissistic bullshit he’s thrown out there, nor am I going to get into the minutia of all the offensive things he’s said, but last night’s comment “what a nasty woman,” directed at Hillary Clinton “who shouldn’t have even been allowed to run,” took the cake. From the moment he rode down the escalator at Trump Tower, it’s been all about him, not being President.

This man, a shallow, mean, hell-bent-on-revenge for a lifetime of being not taken seriously, the ultimate caricature of a bully, a member, as a friend of mine who knows him (the poor bastard), refers to him as “a member of the ‘lucky sperm club,” wants to blow up Washington and America in the process and he’s going to try and do take it down any way he can.

“Jim, Edith Keeler must die.”

Now, he is talking about not honoring the results of the election. That is not the way it’s done, dammit. Stephen Douglas and Richard Nixon, Andrew Jackson, Samuel J. Tilden, Al Gore all had legitimate reason’s to contest their elections. Nixon, in 1960, knew that the Chicago vote, which gave Illinois to Kennedy, was littered with dead people voting, still conceded the election. Tilden, in 1876, lost a even more disputed election than Gore did in 2000. https://www.270towin.com/1876_Election/

All of these people conceded once the results were settled. Even Gore, who ended up losing the election by fiat on a Supreme Court decision, conceded.  So, in 18 days, when America votes, and Hillary Clinton is elected by a clear majority, will Trump be a gracious loser, or will he be a petulant eight-year old? My guess is the later.

“I could have saved her. Do you know what you just did?”

“He knows, Doctor. He knows.”


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