The Great Right (wingnut) Hope

So, lets get our facts straight. After all the bluster from Kim Jung Stupid, Dorito Don and straight arrow (not worth a) Pence, it turns out it was just another lie by the U.S. of A. The USS Carl Vinson was headed towards Australia, not Korea. But Pence sure looked good in the DMZ with the binoculars. Kind of like MacAuthur before Truman fired him. Or Georgie-boy ‘flying’ that plane onto the aircraft carrier. All for show. They know, including the Chinese and Russians, that a second “Korean War” would mean millions, up to a billion, would die. Needlessly. Even a “targeted” EMP (Electro-magnetic Pulse) would impact the entire Pacific Rim in the Northern Hemisphere. All of which could lead us into World War III.
And that, fellow citizens, it what this is all about. The religious nutcases in this country voted for Trump and Pence because this is what they want. Armageddon. They want Jeebus to return to save them and cast out all the rest of us to hell or where ever because Obama. Or Clinton, Carter, Johnson, Kennedy or Hillary. Mostly, because they seem to think that because everyone else is a godless heathen, they will be chosen to stay on for the 1000 years (according to the book of Jewish fairy tales) that precludes humanity’s end. 
Well, I got news for you end-timers. Jeebus is as real as Apollo and Creed. And Elvis stands a better chance of returning than the “Son of God.” As does Michael Jackson, Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Robin Williams and my dog. It is theorized that just one nuclear warhead could kill a quarter-billion people. Imagine what 1,000 could do. We have a President who doesn’t know diddly and an evangelical Veep who peers out over the Korean DMZ and all his Biblical fantasies are right there, in the kaleidoscope over his binoculars.
This Presidency, 90 days in, is a disaster. The conflicts, the lairs appointed to cabinet posts, Congress broken beyond words, family appointed to key positions, Sean Spicer, who makes Ron Ziegler look good in retrospect, Russia, Turkey, the snubs of key allies, etc. make me worried for not only the future of our republic, but the world.

Then, of course, there’s this:

We're doomed

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