Robert Mueller, John Doar and the Mists of History

On April 29, Carl Bernstein spoke at the White House Correspondence’s Dinner. He and his partner, Bob Woodward, while writing for the Washington Post, connected the dots out of a “third-rate burglary” and brought down a president so crooked “his staff had to screw his pants on,” snipped Hunter S. Thompson upon the death of said President, Richard M. Nixon in 1994.

Watergate, which actually began in June 1970 with the Pentagon Papers, ushered in the age of cynicism that has now reached a pinnacle in the first four months of the Twitter Presidency.

In Bernstein’s speech, he spoke of facts that led to “the best available version of the truth.” But without John Doar, a civil rights advocate who, while Assistant Attorney General, ensured James Meredith’s enrollment at the University of Mississippi in 1962, combed through over 100,000 pages of transcripts and documents between March and July of 1974 as Special Council for the House Judiciary Committee, old Tanned, Rested & Ready might have not resigned.

Which brings us to the current “Independent” Council, Robert Mueller. He has broad powers to investigate and allow to testify before Congress, members associated with Trump’s campaign, transition team, current staff and cabinet, as well as family members in an attempt to get to the bottom of the connections between Trump and the Russians.

As usual, it’s about the money. “Follow the money” is true today as it was in 1972. It is why this President and his sycophants have lied about it. Jeff Sessions lied during his confirmation hearings, Betsy DeVos said recently “we expect a return on our investment.” (so do the Koch Brothers) The levels of mendacity and outright perjury is staggering. The firing of Preet Bharara and 45 other U.S. Attorney’s, the dismantling of the social safety net, the post WW II alliances, the shocking firing of James Comey and then refusing to accept responsibility for it, laying it at the feet of the Assistant Attorney General, who then pushed back as well as Sessions role in the apparent un-recusal in the Trump-Russia investigation.

It all goes back to money. In America, it always seems to. As Charles P. Pierce at Esquire put it yesterday, “ Robert Mueller is not fooling around and, for all the bizarre behavior concerning secure comms and Russian ambassadors, he seems to have homed in already on the key to the whole sorry mess. Somewhere, at the heart of it, there’s nothing more or less banal than the classic American hunger for a quick and easy buck. That’s where this whole thing is headed.”

We don’t have 50 months, as I’ve said before. We have maybe 50 days to get them all out, to turn the GOP complicity to get their extreme agenda passed (which it won’t) and force the whole damn thing to come down like a ton of bricks on the Libidinous Fat Ass before it’s too late. I think Mueller understands this and will do the right thing. He is the John Doar of 2017.


2 Responses to “Robert Mueller, John Doar and the Mists of History”

  1. Bob Quinn Says:

    How far away can impeachment be?

  2. rollingwheelie Says:

    With this Congress, highly unlikely.

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